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हेलो दोस्तों इस आर्टिकल में आप को हिंदी में Happy Birthday wishes के top quotes मिल जायेंगे जिसे आप अपने दोस्तों या अपने फैमली में सेंड कर सकते है। 

Happy Birthday to my friend forever?
I wish you immense joy
laughter and love on this beautiful day 
Enjoy it’s your day!?
happy birthday wishes quotes
For you on your birthday 
I wish you a lifetime of happiness? a 
smaller amount of worries and 
a boat load of big dreams
coming true✨ 
Best friend are like 
mirror & shadow 
Mirror don’t lie and 
shadow never love?
Happy Birthday?
to my closest & 
oldest friend? 
I feel blessed 
because our friendship 
is a true gift of life❣ 
Happy Birthday to my beautiful friend?
We don’t meet people by 
accident We are meant to cross
paths for a reason I hope that 
you are reminded of just how 
lucky I feel that our paths 
crossed Birthdays? come each 
and every year 
Happy Birthday?
Wish you a many many 
happy retunes of the day
May God bless ?
you with health 
wealth & prosperity
in your life?

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happy birthday wishes quotes
Our friendship? 
is like gold 
strong bright and exclusive 
I hope that it never ends.
Be happy? 
my lovely friend
Happy Birthday?!
Happy Birthday? 
my lovely friend
I wish you every happiness ?your 
heart can hold Here s to another 
fabulous year of life?! You’re 
simply the best
Happy Birthday 
My Friend!?
Today is a day to celebrate you
so meke it special? and surround 
yourself with everything that makes 
you feel like? the star you are!  

Happy Birthday Love Images Hindi

Happy Birthday to besets bestie 
Fly high to happiness? and watch your 
dreams come true Birthday
come around every year but friends 
like you only come one in 
lifetime You think
You are special? just because it’s
you’re special everyday We 
are best friends? always 
Remember that if you fall I 
will pick you up after finish
my laughing Happy Birthday 
to smartest funniest and 
beautiful person in world 
Don’t take it seriously 
Happieee birthday?
happy birthday wishes
Happy Birthday to my dear friend? 
stay happy and always blessed  keep 
smiling? may bless you with 
I hope your birthday is amazing 
and wonderful full day all your 
dreams come true and you are amazing 
person in my life? 
may bless you once again 
Happy Birthday?

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Happy Birthday to 
the king of my heart
The Man of my 
And The Love of my
I love you so much 
You mean the world 
?to me baby
I can’t imagine my 
life without you 
I feel I m the luckiest 
girl to have you in my 
Thankyou for always 
being there
This birthday I’m not 
wid you.. but 
we will celebrate all 
of our coming birthdays
together till 
your next birthday
you will be my 
I love you  meri jaan 
? and once again a 
very Happy Birthdy
to you my love..
Happy Birthday to my best friend?
The one I can tell my soul to 
Who can relate to me like no 
one other Who I can 
laugh with no extent I 
promise? to always stick 
by your side through the 
good and the bad you are 
my best friend? it’s 
impossible to stay mad at 
you because I have important things to 
tell you and I am sure you 
do too I m here for you 
and always will be and 
proved it even we re side 
by side or miles apart we 
are always together by 
heart I love you no 
matter what You mean the 
world to me I love you?
no matter what rain or shine

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We don’t meet people by 
accident We are meant to cross 
paths for a reason I hope that 
you are reminded? of just how 
lucky I feel that our paths 
crossed Birthdays come each 
and every year but
friends life you only come 
once in a lifetime? 
? Wish you ?
? Many More ?
? Happy Returns ?
?of The Day?
? Life Long ?
? Stay Blessed ?
? And ?
?God Bless you?
? Happy Birthday ? 
happy birthday wishes quotes
Happy happiest? birthday my first 
ever bestie soulmate & one of 
the most practical but so much 
fun person in my life? The 
amount I’ve learnt from you is 
unreal stay lovely stay
healthy & stay amazing my 
rocking favorite Leo girl 
So happy? to have you in my life
I know that you are always by my 
side at every moment of my life 
and i really adore you for that 
love you forever and you are 
blessed to have me in your life 
you are special thats why you are 
first in my Friends? list and insta 
feed too
Once again Happy Birthday to this 
beautiful lady who is far away 
from me and very close to my 

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I feel so lucky to have 
you as my best friend 
Hope your birthday is 
as special? you are 
May all of your dreams 
come true 
Thank for being such a 
great friend? 
Happy Birthday
Have fun dear 
May God Bless you
On This Special Day Let Me Wish
You Good Luck Lots of Happiness? 
And Love In One Word 
I Wish? You an Amazing 
Life Happy Birthday 
May the Almighty
shower your life? 
with lost of 
happiness and blessing 
wishing you a 
great birthday 
resourceful life ahead

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